Chie Satake won prizes in various international competitions in and around Paris (Arras, Vulaines). コンクール終了後、取材に来ていたアーリンク・アンゲリッチ氏が撮って下さいました。ンクール終了後
A group of laureates of the international piano competition in Vulaines-sur-Seine (France) pose with jury chairman Stephane Blet. From left to right we see: Margarita Lebedkina, Djamila Ben Abdallah, Alissa Zoubritskaya, Chie Satake and Kaori Ito. The competition in Vulaines is without age limit, and Djamila Ben Abdallah had thus another opportunity to take part. She already participated in some 20 international piano competition between 1969 and 1977, under the name Daniele Arpajou, und came back to the competition scene in 1994.